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  • ‘Your truth’ and the true story: How the gospel of Christ transforms our decision-making

    ‘Your truth’ and the true story: How the gospel of Christ transforms our decision-making

    Focusing primarily on Romans 5–8, I explore how a gospel foundation grounds our decision-making when we face stories of suffering. I am writing primarily for those who have roles in making decisions in difficult situations, especially those in leadership or governance positions in churches, Christian schools and other Christian communities.

  • Suffering – Moore Q&A Video

    Suffering – Moore Q&A Video

    What does the Bible have to say about suffering? Video Q&A with me & my colleagues Jane Tooher, Dan Wu, Chase Kuhn.

  • What’s wrong with the world? Is there hope? (Ephesians)

    What’s wrong with the world? Is there hope? (Ephesians)

    Guilt, weakness, spiritual slavery, prejudice, arrogance, tribalism, conflict, war, victimhood, persecution, pain, suffering, futility, ignorance, lying, deceit, anger, theft, greed, pornography, sexual sin, darkness, fear, drunkenness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, workplace abuse, spiritual powers… In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he says many things about the problems we face in this world. He also gives…

  • My afflictions, your glory (Ephesians 3:12–13)

    My afflictions, your glory (Ephesians 3:12–13)

    We can react to suffering by avoiding or escaping or denying or rationalising it. For Paul, the gospel of Christ leads to a profoundly different reaction.

  • Reformation sights in Oxford UK

    Reformation sights in Oxford UK

    Some sights in Oxford UK, that are especially significant for Reformation history and the deaths of the Oxford Martyrs Latimer, Ridley, and Cranmer.

  • A new morality: child death and suffering is the price we must pay for sexual freedom?

    I just heard Andrew Marr’s BBC program “Start the week”, broadcast from the Charleston Festival which is celebrating the Bloomsbury Group. This was a group of artists and intellectuals–including, for example, Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes–(in)famous both for their enormously influential intellectual output, and also for their complex polyamorous sexual relationships. It was interesting…

  • Remember the Horn of Africa

    The causes of famine in Somalia are many and complex: politics, corruption, war, greed; the list goes on. At this particular moment, however, what is needed most urgently is funds to buy food. Unicef says that if they can buy food, they can get it to where it’s needed. Apparently we haven’t taken this crisis…

  • Is God Green Part 1: God, the World and Jesus

    I’ve preached this series a number of times over the years – here’s the latest edition (this time with a slightly croaky voice). Before you listen to the talk, you might find it helpful to read this introductory piece which contains the things I didn’t have time to include in the sermon. Thanks to Sandy…

  • Suffering and decision-making

    On the Sola Panel: Is it better to choose a more difficult ministry, or an easy one? Is it more godly to choose suffering over comfort when we make decisions about life and ministry? After all, suffering makes us more like Jesus, and surely that’s good for us, isn’t it? From time to time, we…